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Let’s all do H. G. Wells!

For some reason there are a lot of comic-book adaptations of H.  G. Well’s War of the World:

Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II
A retelling of Wells’s story in a Victorian-era world where every fantasy tale (set on Mars or otherwise) is true simultaneously. Incredibly baroque tripods.
Ian Edginton and D’Israeli D’Emon D’raftsman, ‘Scarlet Traces’, Judge Dredd Megazine issues 4.16 to 4.18 (September to November 2002).
Set a decade after the War of the Worlds, London has been rebuilt with Martian technology. The resulting hybrid tech has to be seen to be believed. The web site linked to above has all the DVD-style extras, including production sketches, deleted scenes, and making-of documentary. Since the strip was originally produced for on-line presentation, some of the cut scenes are animated!
Alan Davis and Mark Farmer, Killraven
The set-up is once again a decade or so after the Martian invasion, except this time the Martians won and humanity has been reduced to scavenging in the ruins and performing in the gladiator pits. Cue an escape of scantily-clad gladiator slaves. Some message-boards state this is a revival of an old Marvel character (and the name does sound familiar), but I cannot find an official Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, or Killraven web-site to link to.

I have a nagging feeling that there was another one I was going to put in this list, but if so its name escapes me for the moment... :-)

Small Stories

If you like slice-o’-life comics, check out Small Stories, a web site of comics strips by Derek Kirk Kim (I lost the address to this site years ago but it was mentioned in Ernie Hsiung’s weblog). There are lots of stips there, some long (Same Difference is some 79 pages long), some short (such as Valentine’s Day). He says he’s working on getting some of them ready for a printed book. I can’t wait...

Scary Go Round

An on-going webcomic since forever, Scary-Go-Round is John Allison’s successor to Bobbins. After the first story arc, a lot of the old characters have slipped back in as if nothing had happened. Whimsical adventures with chemistry students reduced to sentient gasses, zombies, international spies, science fairs, perky young women and absent-minded men. Fun! Read more


Here is my understanding of the word retcon and my part in its coining. Read more