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SVG slideshow, attempt 1

My virtual tarot deck is published in SVG, but the index pages are still in HTML, which is a problem for people trying to visit using an SVG-only browser like Batik. So I intend to make an SVG-powered index page. My first attempt uses the SVG image tag and intrinsic animation to switch between cards. This turns out to be unsatisfactory on two counts. First, it works by rendering the card and then displaying the result as if it were a raster image—on my computer that leaves the screen blank for some seconds while the off-screen rendring takes place. Second, the resulting image is not interactive—you lose the feature of the pips cards where the illustration can be switched on and off.

No text-transform in SVG

Because my font is all-lower-case, I tried using the text-transform property of CSS to convert card titles in the SVG-powered index page. This property does not exist in SVG, which causes Batik 1.1 to balk (Adobe SVG Viewer merely ignored it). So I have posted revised versions of the files that hopefully will work better.