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iPhone, Leopard and Developer Expectations

After the keynote speech for WWDC, there is a lot of kvetching about Steve Jobs’s announcement that the only way to develop apps for the iPhone right now is as web applications, not to mention the features announced for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard are not exciting enough and there are no exotic new Macs on display. Maybe if people concentrated more on liking what they’re given they’d feel happier in general. Read more

Simplicity versus Flash

Last week I was struggling with Adobe Flash development, wishing that my recommendation that we drop Flash and spend the programming time on improving our fall-back HTML+JavaScript version instead had not fallen on such stony ground. Then on Sunday there was a flurry of articles speculating that not only is Apple’s iPhone missing an implementation of Flash, but Apple might not intend to add one---and might even want to start pushing web developers towards alternatives like HTML+JavaScript. Read more