Damian Cugley

I am an Australian web developer living and working in Oxford, England.

My favourite framework is Django (Python) but I know from experience I can get the job done in any number of other systems. I’ve done my fair share of application and system programming as well.

I love beautiful, useful things, so I work hard on code quality and I appreciate good design and typography.


As well as commercial work, I have built several side projects for the fun of it.

  • CAPTION is Oxford’s annual comics convention, and I designed and built its website.

  • Jigsawr is an instant virtual jigsaw creator, originally created as a entry in a 10K website contest.

  • Kanbo is a work-in-progress task board for agile project management.

Alleged Articles

I occasionally write articles on technical stuff.

The most recent one is:

Responsive Grids of Cards with Less CSS


One of the problems with CSS is that you can do most layouts in many different ways, because most layouts only work by accident. The trick is to find a way to get the effect you want that is reasonably clear to future readers of the code and adaptable to different viewport widths without introducing an excessive number of overriding definitions. Read more

3 January 2015
css less

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