Damian Cugley

I am an Australian web developer living and working in Oxford, England.

My favourite framework is Django (Python) but I know from experience I can get the job done in any number of other systems. I’ve done my fair share of application and system programming as well.

I love beautiful, useful things, so I work hard on code quality and I appreciate good design and typography.


As well as commercial work, I have built several side projects for the fun of it.

  • CAPTION is Oxford’s annual comics convention, and I designed and built its website.

  • Jigsawr is an instant virtual jigsaw creator, originally created as a entry in a 10K website contest.

  • Kanbo is a work-in-progress task board for agile project management.

Alleged Articles

I occasionally write articles on technical stuff.

The most recent one is:

CSS and content-outwards versus layout-inwards design


I had a moment of existential panic this week over an esoteric technical point t do with out outsourced stylesheets: our builder has set the default box model to not be content-box but border-box! The difference represents the final end of the original vision of CSS as a content-outwards style language. Read more

27 September 2014

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