Damian Cugley

I am an Australian web developer living and working in Oxford, England.

I love creating web sites that are both beautiful and useful.

Alleged Articles

I occasionally write articles on technical stuff.

The most recent one is:

BDD using Jasmine and Karma

With any non-trivial bit of code it is useful to be able to test the parts in isolation before trying to assemble them in to the final program. In the Python world you use a standard library called unittest for this (other testing libraries are available). In JavaScript there are many competing test frameworks, all with daft names. Read more

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Side projects

  • CAPTION is Oxford’s annual comics convention, and I designed and built its website from 1997–2013.

  • Jigsawr is an instant virtual jigsaw creator, originally created as a entry in a 10K website contest.

  • Morseless is a simple translator for Morse code originally inspired by Serenity in Homestuck!

  • Kanbo is a proof-of-concept task board for agile project management.

Other interests

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